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Language Learning in the UAE

a new perspective of the world


Find new ways to interact and gain a better understanding of different cultural viewpoints through classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or Virtual and Mobile Learning.

Enhance Personal and Career Prospects

Add language skills to your CV to improve job opportunities in the Middle East and enhance communication skills within multi-national companies and multi-lingual communities.

Improve Thinking and Analytical Skills

People who speak more than one language are skilled at multitasking as their brain can easily switch between tasks. They have better decision-making skills and have improved memory.

Enhance Health and Well-Being

Ongoing learning increases life satisfaction, optimism and belief in our own abilities. Language learning promotes independence, capability and relationships, the core elements of self-esteem.



Power up your personal and professional development skills

to accelerate business success in the MIDDLE EAST.

From customer service, leadership and teamwork to business language training, Eton Institute Professional Development programs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide instant access to the skills and knowledge critical to confidence and success.

Mobile Learning

Now is the Future

Mobile Learning

Learn a language and cultural tips anywhere, anytime!

Wake up to innovative learning wherever you are – 24/7.

Love learning with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.

Choose from Virtual Learning, Self-Study Programs and Mobile Applications and rediscover spontaneity.

For Companies in the MIDDLE EAST

Transforming organizations through their people

Customized training solutions for Language Training, Professional Development, Computer Skills and Teacher Training in the Middle East.

Embracing change for ourselves, our customers and our partners.

Pre-course Testing

Delivery Design

Progress Tracking

Retention & Review

Eton Plus


Discover exclusive deals, upcoming cultural events, free courses, special offers and global blogs, all at your fingertips.

Enjoy learning – explore a new world every day.


Italian Cultural Evening Fall In Love with Italy: Free Cultural Evening - Discover the poetic Italian language and its traditions as you take a cultural journey at Eton Institute’s Italian Cultural Evening. Daydream in the botanical gardens of Sicily, visit the breathtaking Tuscan olive groves and vineyards, revel in the splendid museums and palaces in Florence all...
Speaking Cultures Valentine's Season Special Spread the Love! Share Your Language and Culture at Speaking Cultures! - Love is in the air! It’s the perfect season to socialize, meet new friends and learn new things. Your all-time favorite social language exchange event will make your Valentine’s season extra sweet and fun. Speaking Cultures is where your wonderful language journey starts as you meet...


book of arabia Web Discover the Arab World with Eton Institute’s Book of Arabia - In its continuous commitment to highlight cultural insights and local heritage with language learning, Eton Institute publishes one of its first E-books entitled ‘Book of Arabia’ for the multicultural tourists and expatriates in the Gulf Region and Middle East. Beirut native Colette Abi Rached gives...
Arabic and English Intensive Courses Level Up Your English & Arabic Skills with Our Special Intensive Courses - In just 3 weeks, these 30-hour Special Intensive courses will ultimately boost your language skills in English and Arabic. Eton Institute designed the courses to be interactive and fun which will help students learn the language in no time. This is ideal for starters as well...
Eton Deals The Deals Awaken: Out Now - New deals. New beginnings. Embark on a new adventure and expand your learning journey. Learn a new language and develop a new skill with Eton Deals. With amazing courses at half the price, there is no greater way to start the New Year than achieving...



Having the technical skills and knowledge to successfully execute your job duties is only one part of being the best you can be in the workplace. In addition to these…


We are all born with an ability to be creative. However, something happens to us when we start school: we’re taught to think productively. But geniuses don’t do that…


For those who have never visited or heard of Montenegro, it is a small country located on the Adriatic Sea. A former Yugoslav Republic, today it borders…


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